Can I turn the screen off manually without the power button?


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Dec 30, 2009
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So I woke up this morning to find out that my OG Droid's power button is non-functional. Pressing it won't turn the screen on or off, and holding it down does not bring up the silence/airplane/poweroff menu. Finally, when the phone is off (via battery pull), holding down the power button does not turn it on (I had to plug the charger in to get the phone to turn on).

I went to Verizon, they won't fix it since it's 1 month out of warranty :mad:, and my only 2 options are to 1) pay $89 for Asurion to send me a refurb or 2) Upgrade my phone since I'm out of contract.

Option 1 blows, as that's a lot of money to spend just on a refurb. Option 2 isn't ideal, as I was hoping to hold off upgrading until 3rd quarter of this year to see how the whole smartphone market is looking (I want to see how wp7 and webOs evolve and see how they look in the long terms compared to Android and iOS).

Currently, I can turn the screen on by opening up the keyboard. However, to turn the screen off I currently have to wait until the inactivity timer activates. Unfortunatly, I have already pocket texted people due to the screen not being off when I put it in my pocket.

So therefore, I was wondering if there was an app or widget that would allow me to manually turn the screen off. I am not rooted, and have the stock Froyo build.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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