Can I "unsync" my gmail contacts?


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Nov 9, 2009
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i've gone to Settings > Accounts & Sync and clicked on my gmail acct and unchecked 'sync contacts' but nothing has changed...once it's synced it can't revert back??

i had them transfer my contacts over from my blackberry at Vzw, but when i got home i put my gmail acct just auto sync'd everything from there. i mainly use my gmail for school organizations and volunteer info and stuff, so now i have contacts for my school districts preschool thru 1st grade PTO (yes, i'm a major soccer mom who loves technology, lol). i don't want these people in my main phonebook :( AND, i have multiple names now since some of them were in my phonebook, it added an xtra 200 contacts to my list of 200, i don't really want to go thru all 400 to weed out who i don't want!

if i try to delete my gmail acct it won't let me, i'd pretty much have to revert to all default settings if i do and i'm not patient enough to re-download everything, and if i do im guessing it'll erase the contacts i had from my bb.

so...anyway to get these gmail contacts off? or at least only choose to use the phonebook contacts and not use the gmail contacts.

i guess it's not a HUGE deal, but i HATE seeing names of people i really don't know in my phonebook when i scroll thru. i wonder if there is a way to delete ALL contacts and then have Vzw re-transfer my contacts again...hmm

any ideas?

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Sep 6, 2012
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You need to go to account and then settings and delete the accounts and it will erase all the worked for me when I went to factory reset it said I had to delete Samsung account and the email I used for the Samsung account was a gmail account.

Cat Bras

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Sep 15, 2015
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So this is how I did it with a Moto E 2nd Gen

I went to my gmail account on my computer.

Go to Contacts

Click the box next to each contact (to highlight them) that you want on your phone (i.e. all the ones with phone numbers) after that a blue bar should pop up at the top.

Click on the people + sign and your groups should pop up. Add new group, label it phone contacts.
Now all you numbers should be stored in this group.
*Note*- your gmail sync on your phone should be turned on to sync this group to your phone.

From your Moto E go to menu, contacts, click on the 3 dots, click contacts to display, custom, click on gmail account turn off My Contacts and any other checked contacts. If you have AT&T, you need to click on their account just above your gmail and turn off their contacts as well. Then check the box for you phone group that you saved and then hit OK. Now displayed in your phone are just your phone number contacts. And you can still access your gmail with out it syncing new contacts to your phone. And you won't have to factory reset.

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