can not assign text/missed call notifications


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Aug 31, 2011
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I have been through the user's manual over and over, and can not figure out how to assign an audible notification for 1.) text message received, 2.) missed call, and 3.) voicemail received. User guide says:

You can select the ringtone that plays when your
device receives new notifications.
1. Press > and tap > Sound.
2. Tap Notification ringtone.
3. Tap a notification ringtone from the available list.
The ringtone then briefly plays when selected.
4. Tap OK to assign a ringer.

Here's the problem. When I tap OK, nothing happens. I can play these different sounds all day long, but there is no apparent way to assign them to anything.

Thanks if you can help...

Little Darwin

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Jun 11, 2011
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It works for me. The one downside is that the Notification Ring tone applies to text messages and email...

I have the Monty Python "Message for you sir." so it makes sense for either one. :)

Edit: I just left myself a voice message and the same notification works there too.