Can someone do a comparison with the original pixel in?

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as the question says, a comparison (preferably video) between an original pixel with past software and current flagships to see if it is better than a budget 2018 phone,

android 8 vs android 9
pixel vs pixel 2 (or 3)
pixel vs galaxy s9
pixel vs pocophone

want to know if it a good "budget" phone option

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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I'm not going to do a comparison for you..... that's what research is for ;-)

But I will say that for $350 my brand new pixel is by far the fastest, smoothest, best operating Android phone I've ever used. And Android 9 also has by far the best Bluetooth I've ever used on an Android phone...... and that's saying alot since Android has always struggled with Bluetooth.

If you can pick up a pixel or pixel XL NEW for under $400 you're getting the best camera made at the end of 2016, and a flagship quality phone in every way, getting Android 9 and guaranteed monthly security and maintenance/improvement updates till the end of 2019.

I'll take that any day over an equally priced budget phone.... especially considering the pixel XL originally cost twice what the budget phone costs. I always buy last year's flagships for half the price, and have a kick-*** phone while saving a ton of money :-D :) ;-)

B&H video and photo was having a sale on brand new unlocked pixel XL's for $412. I got my pixel from there and it was brand new, sealed, unlocked, and rocks :-D

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