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Can the 15 second ring tone be increased before it goes to voicemail on my new Sansung Galaxy 7s


AC Question

I took it to ATandT and the dude told me you couldn't extend the ring..duh... I know there has to be some way to do this. Any help out there?


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
There is no setting for this in the phone, per se. However, there may be some dialer codes you can use to extend the time before voicemail pick up. You could contact the carrier by phone or online chat to get help with this, the folks in the store won't know much about it.

In fact, my suggestion is EXACTLY what the AT&T support page says about this very topic (found using a Google search)

Apologies, the above MAY be for home phone service. This may be a more direct answer for wireless service. https://forums.att.com/t5/Account-Features/change-rings-before-voicemail-picks-up/td-p/3016273