Can the MotoSpeak App Warm Up Time Be Reduced?


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Jul 6, 2013
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Because the native S-Voice function on my ATT S4 rarely recognized what I was saying, I moved to a Motorola HX 550 Bluetooth headset to utilize the Motorola My Motospeak app. The Voice to Text and Voice Recognition seems much improved, however, the lag time between tapping the "Text Call" button and actually being able to give your voice command is 25 seconds. (timed by my stopwatch)

Does anyone know of a setting that can reduce this delay?

I tend to be impatient. Thanks.

Scott Kenyon

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Apr 2, 2011
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It's something with your device. S-voice and Google now have never taken that long for me. Not in any device I've owned. Try to clear data for the app.

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