Can you do data while on the phone


Jul 5, 2011
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Only via LTE (or Wi-Fi), not 3G. The Note 2 lacks support for SVDO (simultaneous voice and data over CDMA/3G) because it doesn?t have the extra radio setup for it. The only phones on Verizon with such a setup are the Thunderbolt, Rezound and Galaxy S3. AnandTech has a good write up on this in their Thunderbolt review here: AnandTech - HTC Thunderbolt Review: The First Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone

The reason most newer phones don't have this setup is primarily because it's becoming less and less relevant the more Verizon rolls out LTE, which uses SVLTE (simultaneous voice and LTE) which the Note 2 does support. Also with the extra radio setup, there is probably a bit of extra hardware cost and a slight hit to battery drain (to power the extra radio). There is also the complexity of managing multiple radios so they don't exceed FCC SAR requirements. Again, see the AnandTech article. :)


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Jul 20, 2010
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Thanks for the replies. I knew the thunderbolt could do it on 3G, I had that phone. When I got the razzr max and it did not do it on 3G, I called in and talked to a rep, she said that no phone does data/talk at the same time on 3G, only 4G. I told her the thunderbolt does and she said I have the thunderbolt and I can tell you that it does not. I asked to pick her phone up and try it. She did and I think she about fell out of her chair when it worked. LOL

I was reading somewhere that they thought the note 2 had this capability, I wanted to find out. Then I got nervous, what if Samsung did the same BS as Apple did with the iphone 5 and not have it do it on 4G either.

Glad to see it will at least do it on 4G. My note 2 will be here when I get home from work today. I think it is going to be a long day at work, but at least I have the weekend off to set it up and of course play with it. :)

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