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Aug 9, 2013
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Hey everyone,

I'm in a bit of a bind. I've got a company phone user who had an incredible 2 and just got an iphone 5. I backed up everything on the incredible (contacts, photos, etc.) before shutting it down and activating the iphone 5. When I restored everything to the iphone, I found that the calendar wasn't entirely restored - namely that certain calendar items (all labeled "PC Sync") had not migrated to the iphone. after searching through this and other forums, I downloaded htc sync manager, but it refuses to recognize the incredible. I double-checked the phone settings and found they were correct (usb connection to htc sync, usb debugging enabled), but no luck. I couldn't disable the firewall on the first computer (cloud-based setup), so set up htc sync on a laptop with a different a/v software, confirmed firewall and virus protection were off, and still couldn't get the phone to be recognized. Tried disconnecting phone, killing adb process, restarting htc sync and reconnecting phone, but still no luck! This user really wants these calendar items bad! Is there any other way I can back up these calendar items from the incredible for transfer to the iphone, short of emailing them one at a time as vcf files (very time consuming and I don't think the user will wait that long)?

Thanks in advance,

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