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Cannot restore contacts

Swapnil Rustagi

New member
Sep 20, 2016
I have an HTC Desire 826. It had some issue and had to be reset. So there were contacts to be backed up. I tried to export them through the People app to a .vcf file. However the .vcf file only contained 4 of 1000 contacts in the phone. Then I used HTC Sync Manager to back it up. It backed up contacts, messages etc. But after resetting the phone and restoring using HTC Sync Manager, only those 4 contacts were restored. Some of the 1000 contacts were Google account linked, but not all. So now how do I restore them? And what are WhatsApp contacts? This whole Contacts system in Android is a mess. Why wouldn't it export all contacts at once in a single place?


Well-known member
Jul 6, 2016
See if the contacts that were not saved on Gmail were maybe saved on your sim card instead. See if you can import/export sim contacts from your contacts settings