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Jul 27, 2010
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Okay my favorite android enthusiasts, I need your opinions....

I am looking to switch from big red (Verizon) to T-Mobile. Why? Cost and I want to switch to GSM technology because CDMA does not work in the building where I work but GSM has perfect signal. I have been using straight talk to test signal strength everywhere I go for about 20 days now and I have only found some areas where it is lacking. Now... For my questions....

1) I will obviously need to buy a new phone to support GSM. However, I cannot decide between the following devices: Nexus 4, Galaxy S4 Non-Google Play, HTC One (Non-Google Play). What do you guys and gals think? (I do like to hack my devices so CyanogenMod support is a must) (Why Non-Google Play? Because I like to test out the stock software too but have the option to unlock the bootloader and go CyanogenMod)

1.1) If you say HTC One, Which model is the T-Mobile? I see the names HTC One X, HTC One S, etc. However, the T-Mobile site does not specify.

2) How does T-mobile compete in speeds and coverage? I love my Verizon coverage and speed but I could save 100 dollars a month just by switching carriers.

3) Do you think it is worth ditching my unlimited plan on Verizon? The T-mobile coverage map says great things about my area and my co-worker agrees with it since he has t-mobile.

If you can give more info as well that is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!


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Jul 4, 2013
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1)HTC One. I used to hate Sense, but I love Sense 5. Specs are great as well, along with BoomSound.

1.1)HTC One Smartphone | HTC One Specs & Reviews | T-Mobile

2)It depends on the area. Where I live, downtown Dallas is great, but twenty minutes any direction, and you're lucky to have one bar. It just depends on the area you're in.

3)If the coverage is in you're area, by all means switch. I'd say it's worth it, and you'll like the extra money in your pocket. ;)

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