Caseborne V for fold 5 is out


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May 17, 2011
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Hi guys the caseborne V case is already released as of today. Go and get it you will not be disappointed. This case is the real protection that I was looking for. It has fold 5 spen support, kickstand, front screen protector, and hinge protection. I know you guys will be like (its too thick blah blah) but in order to have maximum drop protection you will have to risk something. Im in love with it. Came from another clear skinny case to this one and im not leaving. Im not affiliated in any way with them nor Im getting a paycheck or compesation from them either. Im just posting here because I know few of you are looking for spen and good drop support to protect the $1000ish investment. Help the small business out! Im all for small businesses.



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J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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There's something to be said for a rugged, ultra protective case, that makes your expensive phone feel like you could dribble it in for the dunk and not even phase it. Very reassuring 😄 I used to love that feeling.. that's why I ran OtterBox Defenders.

But as phones got bigger my pockets seem to get smaller... I couldn't fit my current phones in my pocket with those types of cases anymore 😯 So I've begrudgingly had to go to slimmer, less protective cases... and go back to fearing the drop 😱

But I definitely miss the peace of mind those ultra protective cases gave me 😉


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Jan 12, 2011
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I'm liking this case a lot. I pout it on last week without peeling all the tapes just to see if I liked it...I do. I especially was happy that with this case on, the Z Fold 5 still fits nicely into the drop in wireless charging cavity under my armrest in ny 2022 Ford Explorer ST.