Cast dimensions on TV (Pixel C - image quality, borders)


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Feb 23, 2017
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Hi everyone.

I've have both a Google Pixel phone and a pixel C. I love both but I'm fairly new to android. I also have the Nvidia shield and purchased the Chromecast Ultra for on the move reasons.

My question is with the Chromecast image quality there seems to be a difference with image quality on videos output either by Kodi or MXplayer pro yet with the same files. Is there some sort of transcoding happening here? ALso, if I slide between panels on my phone there is obvious pixelation in place (so as a secondary thing should I plug it into the ethernet instead of over wifi)?

Also, if I connect my pixel phone it's full screen, but play a video on the pixel c and there are borders left and right on the movie. There are also the expected borders above and below for letterboxing but it appears the movie isn't using the whole screen.

My TV is good old fashioned plasma panel with no smart gadgets. As in the sort of commercial panel with slot in cards for inputs. There's nothing on there to set or change other than brightness etc and I run the chromecast through a yamaha amp that then outputs to the TV. If this is how it is then that's ok, but I wanted to ask the noob questions that I can't find the answer to anyway!

Thanks for any help given!

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