Changing Android version to another!


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Feb 27, 2014
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I am trying to work on project with Android 1.6 but I cant, here are 4 things I did

- Windows > Android Virtual Device Manager, and it shows me the target with "Target Name" is "1.6"

- Windows > Preference > Android and I clicked on "Android 1.6" then "Apply > OK" but its still shows me that I'm using 4.4.2

- Right click on my project, selected Properties > Android (on the left) and there was three, Android 1.6, Google APIs and Android 4.4.2, I checked Android 1.6, no use

- activity_main.xml > Graphical Layout, at the top middle window (about) there is Android green with a name "Android version to use when rendering layout in Eclipse" I want to change to 1.6 but its not there... on that Android green form there is number 19, when I open it, there are only 2, "Automatically Pick Best" and "Android 4.4.2

Help :)