Cheap Android tablet- what's the best bang for the buck? Considering the Amazon Kindle Fire?


Oct 1, 2012
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I'm looking for a relatively cheap 7 or 8 inch tablet. The vast majority of my usage would be document and ebook reading. The other 20% would be the occasional streaming video. I'm looking to stay under $60. Amazon is running a sale on their Kindle Fire tablets for only $40 right now. While the specs of these tablets are unimpressive, I'm thinking that they may be adequate for my limited use case. I know that the Google Play store can be easily installed and that gives me access to any apps that I. I have only two concerns:

-only 8 GB of on board storage- there is an SD card slot and apparently Fire OS has a feature that fools the OS into seeing the onboard and SD storage as one contiguous volume and thus, gets around the Android limitation of installing apps to external storage. Not sure how well this works in real life.

-One critical app that I use is pretty quick to drop support for older versions of Android. This app happens to be available on the Amazon App Store, as well as Google play. So I'm wondering how active Amazon is in updating Fire OS for their devices as they age.

Given those two concerns, I am certainly not committed to an Amazon tablet. I'd be interested in any alternatives. Thanks very much!

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