CHOETECH QC 2.0 power bank, wall charger, and car charger, quick reviews


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Oct 19, 2014
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hello all, i was given the opportunity to test 3 items from a company named Choetech, similar company to Anker and Ravpower that we're probably more f amiliar with. here's the list of items that i'll be reviewing today, just quick unbiased reviews.

1 - Choetech QC 2.0 portable power bank, model B611Q.
it works as advertised, currently charging my note 4 with the included micro usb cable, and it charges just as fast as the original note 4 charger. out of the 3 power banks i have, they all require the micro usb to charge the unit, but this one also has the option to charge via a lightning cable. i didn't calculate how long it takes to fully charge the unit, but at 15600mah-i just leave it charged overnight. the only con i see in this product is the finish, it's glossy, so it'll attract dust and it's a fingerprint magnet, but then again it's a power bank, and you don't really show it off or use it everyday.

2 - Choetech QC 2.0 dual usb car charger, model C0046.
well, it's a car charger, not much to talk about it, but it is a QC 2.0 product, so my note 4 would benefit from it, not so much from my wife's iphone 6. it's very small as well, similar size to an anker i have purchased a while ago, so it doesn't stick out too much or go in your way while plugged in. [Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger]CHOE 30W (with Most Powerful QC 2.0 Port) Dual USB Car Charger with 22AWG 3.9FT Micro USB Cable(White): Cell Phones & Accessories

3 - Choetech QC 2.0 single usb wall charger, model C0043.
i have a lot of these wall chargers, some bigger and some smaller, this Choetech one falls in between, and the metal connectors doesn't retract or fold, and it only has a single usb port, whereas similar sizes i have has 2 usb ports.

so let's talk about the pros of this thing, the QC 2.0 works fine, and one little feature i've noticed different from other wall chargers. the metal connector is actually in the middle, so you can plug in the usb cable from either way and it'll work. the car charger and power bank has just regular connectors on the side, so it's not reversible. this might not be new in the market, but it is to me. wished other manufacturers has done this.
the amazon link below shows the final product, and the usb connector is blue as most QC 2.0 are, but mine is black, not sure if mine is different than any others. [Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 2.0] CHOE 18W USB Turbo Wall Charger Fast Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and more (Included an22AWG 3.9FT Micro USB Cable) -Black: Cell Phones & Accessories


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