Chromebook Pixel 2 or Pixel C?


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Jan 12, 2010
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Been considering the Chromebook Pixel as my second computer to my Windows Laptop. The Pixel C seems promising. I know they are two different form factors, but cross shopping nonetheless. I can use Office 365 on both or Google's app suite. Easy to convert the files over. The Pixel is complete and the Pixel C is a work in progress. Just looking for some insight from both crowds as to their thoughts. I want the Pixel C to be more than it is, but I don't think it ever will be.

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Dec 20, 2010
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I had a Pixel C and returned it because of all the issues we've heard about. I could have lived with the bad wi-fi and clunky keyboard but Android really isn't ready for any sort of productivity. I got a Surface 3 instead. Same size. Same price. A real computer running the same Windows 10 as my desktop.


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Sep 21, 2010
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I have both 2015 LTS and Pixel C, they're two completely different devices in terms of use.

I use my Chromebook as a laptop when at work or at home. At work I'm often on closed networks and can't access open internet & my customer uses Google services so I often deliver documents via Google docs and use all of the Google at work services on my Chromebook and its great to have that option of touch and keyboard. VPN works well too, as does Crouton for times I have to run PenTests using Kali Sana or quickly go into syaadmin stuff.

The Pixel C is more a daily driver for personal use, for apps like Instagram, or Twitter, G+ etc ... The all experience of mobile OSes is more friendly than the browser based options, imho, but all that exists in Chrome OS but realize it's a browser based dekstop environment. Most "apps" in Chrome webstore are either html ports to Chrome windows or just links to the mobile website for the app.

If you've never used Chrome OS before and think its gonna be like Android then don't get a Chromebook. I've had two Chromebook before I actually pulled the trigger on the Pixel 2015 LS, and I'd recommend in your case, if you have the funds get the Pixel C, then look into a cheap Chromebook to feel out how you'd use it. There's some really good 200-300 dollar Chromebooks out there.

The Pixel LS and i5 version are way overkill if you're just browsing the web with them, if you are going to code, compile, run crouton, edit docs etc then no, but most people who've not been initiated intk Chrome OS are going to be extremely disappointed if their first device cost 1000+ and they've never used it before.

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