Pixel C or Acer Chromebook R13?


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Nov 7, 2015
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I'd been planning on buying an R13 to replace my Nexus 7, however, I've just ordered a Pixel C and keyboard for £370 as they're being discounted at present.

Anyone have experience of both/either of these?

Chromebooks seem to be Google's focus at the moment, so wondering if buying a Pixel would be a poor choice, but as they're the same price at the moment it was too good an offer to turn down. At least I have the 14 day return period if needed.


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Feb 24, 2012
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I have the Pixel C and I do not have the R13 but I did get to play with one for a couple days.

Pros of the Pixel C
Light Bar
Battery life is amazing
Better for gaming and video
Has a rear camera if you want to be weird like "that guy" who takes photos with a tablet
Keyboard fully removable (better tablet experience)
Full tablet OS, most apps work better this way than on ChromeOS
Better notification handling IMO
Keyboard feels awesome
Build quality is amazing

Cons of the Pixel C
Only has a year of guaranteed updates remaining
No track pad
Less connectivity ports
It's definitely a tablet with a keyboard addon and not meant to be a laptop replacement. That said, it's my primary work unit for school in class, but I do switch to my desktop for writing papers, etc.

Pros of the R13
Chrome OS is meant to handle more productivity than a regular tablet.
Play store on Chrome OS is awesome, even if a little glitchy sometimes
More connectivity ports
Battery life is good (but my experience is limited)
Has a tablet mode (but having keyboard on the bottom bugs me, not my favorite thing
Screen looks really good and is full HD

Cons of the R13
It's freaking huge and heavy. This makes it uncomfortable to use as a tablet
Really don't like having the keyboard on my hand when trying to use as a tablet
Can slow down a little with a lot of tabs open

Mediatek processor bugs me. You may not care


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Nov 18, 2017
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Had a similar dilemma myself so i have both a tablet and an R13! Depends on what your requirements are. Just got my Acer R13 one week ago and i am very impressed so far. By trial and error i have got it set up just the way i want it. It will now play every video i throw at it with no problems. Boot up time is instant and the battery life is as good as i hoped it would be. Up to 12 hours at a go. No doubt about it, it is a lump when used in tablet mode and if you intend to use tablet mode a lot the Pixel C is obviously the one to go for.

I intend to mainly use the Acer R13 around the house and take my much lighter 9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet together with a portable keyboard, on my travels.

Awesome though the R13 is, if i had to choose just one to keep it would be a very tough call but it would have to be the tablet. Still need a windows laptop for 'proper' work and a tablet for casual browsing/entertainment and also to pack in my holdall when away from home.

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