Clear contacts on Gear S2 (T-Mobile)


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Jun 9, 2011
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I bought the Gear S2 from t-mobile to be a stand alone device, that I don't want to share info with my phone. I want to to be its own phone with its own contacts.
Before I bought it I didn't realize (and the rep didn't tell me) how much the two devices are tied together.

So here's my question, after linking up my phone, the gear s2 watch now has my phones contacts and favorites.
Is there a way to prevent this? I want the only contacts, recent calls, etc to be ones I create for/on the watch.
Or to clear them off the watch?(I can't find anywhere to do this!)
And I hope they don't get re-added every time I link the two up.

Thanks in advance.


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Aug 14, 2013
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The S2 and S3 are designed to be companion devices and have limited functionality without a smartphone. I have the S3 but my use case scenario is similar to yours. This leaves us with two options.

1. Setup the watch and never connect it to a phone. It will still be able to handle calls and texts, provide time/date/weather and run a few standalone apps. Contacts, calendar events, etc will need to be manually entered. Info resides only on the watch, there is no backup.

2. Use a dedicated phone as it's companion device. This phone is used solely to setup and manage the watch. It runs Gear Manager, contains the desired contacts, passes thru desired notifications, etc. The watch can connect to it remotely or via BT when necessary. The phone doesn't need cellular service, only access to a WiFi network.

I use an S3 as my primary phone. It's remotely connected to a smartphone that never leaves the house. For tasks that can't be performed on a 1" screen, I use an LTE tablet. I find this combination avoids the compromises inherent with using a smartphone for everything. It's more convenient, more efficient, and cheaper.

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