Clock reset after power outage

Darth Mo

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May 17, 2010
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We had an ice storm here that knocked out power for around 16-17 hours. In that time, my Note 8 battery died.

Well I get it charged up but the next day at work, I can connect to WiFi, but I can't transmit or receive data. Reboot, reset router, yada, yada, no communication.

It turned out that the devices clocked had reset back to December of 2012 and that's why I couldn't communicate with the router. I guess I wrongfully assumed it has a real time clock battery like a laptop. I guess now that I think about it cell phones probably don't either, but I always have it set to sync with network time so I would never notice the clock resetting after it dies.

Is there an app that will automatically sync the time to an internet server? I guess now I know what to do when this happens but I do find the devices loses time, sometimes a few minutes per day. I find it odd that there is no native function built in for syncing time.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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There are some tablets (especially Samsung) that require setting the time and date manually, without any option for automatic network time--I've never understood why. In your Settings>Date & Time menu, is there any option for automatic network time? If not, then you're stuck with manually entering it. There might be some other options available if you root.

Remember also that wi-fi only Android devices won't automatically detect your time zone--that's something you have to set yourself. Android gets the time zone from the cell signal, so automatic time zone is only available on devices with a cell connection.

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