Clockwork & B&N Autoupdates


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Nov 14, 2010
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Hey guys/gals- quick question. If I have flashed Clockwork and have a proper backup of my system in place and then B&N pushes an update that ruins root access can I still access clockwork, reload my backup ROM and be back up and running in the same state as I was before?

Just curious. If this is possible then I won't worry to much about blocking auto-updates. However if auto-updates kill the ability to return to a previous working ROM then I'm concerned and will pursue the auto-update prevention measures listed here.

So say 1.2 is pushed by B&N and I lose root, can I still boot into clockword and recover back to a working version of 1.1?

Thanks for your help!


Feb 5, 2011
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Not sure if CWR will stop the update from installing but if you are worried, go into etc/security and change the file to something else like my understanding is that OTA's need the otacert file to install.