Comparison of Clarivue vs Spigen SGP Ultra Crystal screen protectors


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Oct 29, 2012
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Having used both these, I thought a comparison might be helpful for some. Or not, either way someone at some point will probably do a search for this kind of thing. I've used both of these screen protectors for the Nexus 4. The purchase price is about the same, and they seem pretty comparable. Here's a quick comparison:

Offers front and back screen protectors, in packs of two. Can also order a pack of 2 fronts and 2 rears together. They work pretty well for my tastes. The only problem I had has the film tended to lift a little on the edges due to the curved screen.

Spigen SGP Ultra-Crystal:
Front protectors only, but comes with a microfiber cloth and squeegee for pressing out air bubbles. The edges do lift, like the Clarivue, but not quite as much. The cutout around the sensor, ear piece and camera are slightly different, but not by much.

So, all in all, they are about the same. When I removed the Clarivue yesterday the screen was in perfect condition, not a single mark on the glass. I frequently keep my phone in my pocket with coins or keys, or have it setting face down on a table. I can't tell if the Spigen is thicker or thinner, but I suspect it protects just as well. They both attract fingerprints. I know Spigen offers the Ultra-Oleophobic, but I don't know if it is as clear as the Ultra Clear, or if it has a slightly frosted look to it. The Ultra Crystal and Clarivue both attract quite a few fingerprints. I've used these in combination with the OEM bumper as well as the i-Blason TPU case.

My 2 cents, if anyone is interested...

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