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Considering a move from Windows Phone to Android but how can I duplicate functionality?


AC Question

I have been an avid windows phone user since 2012 with the Lumia 920's release (windows phone 8). Since then I have updated to the HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1 and now I am running Windows 10 Mobile. I see the new Galaxy S7 line having some of the features present in the 920 that I desperately miss--namely excellent low light pictures and an intensely bright and easily readable display in direct sunlight (the HTC One M8 sucks in both regards compared to the 920). However there are some things about the Android OS I'm hesitant about and would like some feedback from you folks who know the OS and Play Store infinitely better than I.

First, how could I duplicate the quiet hours features of windows phone 8.1. The idea is that I could setup a calendar event in which I am "busy". Then, when the time to attend the event occurred, my phone would cut off all ringers and notifications until the event was scheduled to conclude. This is great for classes with consistent start and stop times during which I don't want my phone to make any noise. Furthermore--in the event of an emergency, quiet hours would allow a list of favorites to push through if they called twice in the span of 3 minutes.

Another feature I don't know how to duplicate is reading mode. In the Edge browser, when I get to a webpage that is full of ads and junk, I can enter reading mode. This pulls the text from the primary frame of the page and presents it in a text-only mode eliminating any ads or popup interruptions.

I have my GF's Galaxy S5 to play around with trying to duplicate features but these two are the one's I've had the most trouble with outside of finding a launcher that duplicates most of the windows phone UI (i.e., trying to make the TouchWiz interface look less and less like win95).