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Contacts changed / deleted after upgrading to Pie

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Hi all

I have a Pixel 2. I upgraded to Pie last night, for some reason I seem to have a completely different list of contacts now. In the past I know the contacts had backed up (broke my pixel 2, got a new one, restored beautifully from the cloud). But I can't seem to work out what's happened.

Any advice hugely appreciated


Justin park2

New member
Aug 27, 2018
I'm in the same boat. Even when I create a new contact, the contact will just be deleted in a day or two.

Restoring contact through backup isn't an option either. Pretty terrible options at the moment.

Scienceguy Labs

Trusted Member
Sep 16, 2015
I had a similar issue regarding my contacts. I don't know if it was Pie related or not though. I downloaded all of my contacts in a CV document. Then, I deleted my contacts from my account. Next I went through the CV document and made sure all of my contacts were in the correct format....names in the correct place, phone numbers were correctly listed, etc. After that, I then uploaded that CV file back to my account. All is working correctly now. It's a lot of work if you have a lot of contacts associated with your account, but it fixed my issue.