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Jan 15, 2011
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I attended a big picnic/BBQ/Softball game yesterday. One of the frustrations of being an electrical engineer is nobody knows what you do. They come up to me with all kinds of questions... from problems with their house wiring to multimedia install issues, to smartphones.... lots of smartphone questions.

So... the usual happened and a bunch of us were talking about smartphones and good apps to do this or that. The subject of ads came up and I said, as a matter of course, that as soon as you decide to keep the app and donate to the developer, most advertisements go away.

This brought chuckles and other comments which mad me realize there wasn't a stinkin' one of them who paid or donated for an app they use and feel is important to their daily life!!! NOT ONE!!! ...and there were quite a few involved in this "trading info/experience about apps" conversation.

Considering you, the reader, is already on an Android forum and therefore it is assumed most of you pay/donate for the apps you decide are "keepers", so I'm probably "preaching to the choir" here.

It is also assumed, since you're interested enough to be on an Android forum, you tend to be somewhat of an authority to others with Android phones.

Perhaps we can all use this power for good. ;-) Perhaps we can plant the idea with the general Android population (as bizarre as this may sound) to actually pay or donate to the developers who make their favorite apps. We don't need to insist they pay for every single app on their phone, but suggest they pay/donate for their top favorite three.

Remind them a couple/few bucks isn't going to break the bank. They probably won't even miss it. Students obviously get a pass, but anyone with a job should be our target audience.

Once the idea of rewarding someone who has done something for them gets in their brains, they might expand the list they donate to.

Hey... It could happen. :cool:
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Nov 16, 2010
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This seems to be an Android thing - not paying for apps.

It's so easy to pirate Android apps. We had a PR company that gave us daily updates about our any blobs that were talking about our apps and games. One morning I get an email from them linking to a blog posting an APK for one of our games. :/

If Android app developers can actually make money with Android, we'll get better apps.

I usually try out a free version if an app first and if I find myself continuing to use it, I usually buy the app. I wish more Android users paid for apps.

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