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Oct 13, 2010
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I have really like the new nexus 7 and it was the last thing I needed to fully change Eco systems. Was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and recommendation if it should just be returned as I bought it at office depot. Holding the next straight up and say I have a web page open and on the top left corner I go to press the back button, I now get that dreaded clicking noise like there is now separation between the glass and inside. There is no visible separation but it is clearly a clicking noise when touching the screen in the left hand corner when it is verticle. I thought this was an issue with the first one where it was creaking or clicking at certain points?


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Aug 2, 2013
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If I push hard enough, mine creaks all along the top, bottom and left side of the device. Not limited to but most noticeable in the corners. There is no visible gaps so its a bit strange. The tablet looks perfect.

Aside from creaking, I have no issues with the device. The screen is perfect without any dead/stuck pixels or light bleed. No touch issues either. I'm keeping mine because its perfect in the areas that matter to me. Creaking is only noticeable if I am pushing the screen and backing together with a some pressure applied - something I shouldn't be doing through normal usage anyway. If it matters, I have the 16GB model, July build.

Love this tablet so far! First android device... was a former playbook user. :)

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