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Sep 6, 2011
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I live in the UK and got a Galaxy S2 on contract with O2 (not on Pay as you Go).

It came with O2-branded carrier firmware, which was XWKE1

I first flashed to stock XXKG5 (and rooted) but found allsorts of problems, including programs closing all the time and very poor battery life.

I've not flashed to KH3 and have rooted but have found one annoyinig problem and one niggle.

The annoying problem is that my contact photos will no longer show up in the messaging app after importing them from the SIM card. It seems the software just "sees" the number/entry on the SIM first and that's that.

The only way around I found was to import the contacts from the SIM card, assign the photos and then DELETE the contacts on the SIM.

In this way, the messaging app/software is then forced to look at contacts on the phone and thus then displays the contact photo.

I then exported the contacts back to the SIM. The messaging app still seemed to show the photos okay and any new contacts could be added to phone and then exported to SIM.

However, this is all very poor and cowboy-ish.

To make matters worse, for some reason the export did NOT export ALL the contacts back to the SIM. I do not know why.

I did not realise this until I later wiped the phone, thus meaning I lost lots of contacts.

It may be that this aspect of KH3 software is still under development, as there is a 'mark as default' option on the contacts which does not seem to function/function properly.

It seems very unfinished to me, and I cannot say I would recommend using this with much confidence.

I did not encounter this problem in XWKE1 and I am considering reverting to XWKE2 or XWKE3.

I don't recall this issue in XXKG5 but I had to move away from that because all the apps kept stopping.

Here's links to XWKE2 & 3

The other annoying thing in KE3 is that you cannot turn of the camera shutter sound, which I find damned annoying.

Overall, all of these firmwares seem rough around the edges in some way. XWKE1 was slow, quite laggy but did not exhibit the problems I have encountered in KG5 and KH3.

If anyone can tell me how to resolve the problems I had in KG5, I may go back to that.

I'd also like to know what my CSC should be for both KG5 and KH3.

Currently, it's "KOR" but should this be something else??

Any help appreciated.



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Sep 6, 2011
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Hi Darren

Have you looked on XDA Intratech thread about the diff stock roms.

[ROM + Guide]Official i9100 Firmwares KF1/2/3/4/, KG1/2/3/5/6/7, KH1/2/3/4 Download - xda-developers

My Phone was XEU because it was sim free unit with a contract O2 P4U

I did but it didn't really answer my question in the thread.

The CSC on my phone originally is not in the list available when I try to change it. Presumably, this is because I *was* using O2 branded firmware and the phone was from O2 on contract, pay monthly.

After flashing KH3, the CSC was set automatically/by default to "KOR" - but is there a better CSC option I should use?



Sep 7, 2011
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Hi Darren.
I'm also with o2 uk monthly contact. I'm also on KH3 but with no problems.
To change your csc type *#272*imei# into phone dialer. You will find your imei in settings - about phone - status.
Change it from Korea to XEU.
Warning though this will cause your phone to loose apps and settings.

If you are still having problems after flashing your new firmware try this code *2767*3855# in phone dialer. This will do a full factory reset to that firmware and can fix many problems.

Also check out for downloading Roms.

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