Custom LED lighting questions


Jun 16, 2014
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Is the Galaxy S7 supposed to be able to display custom LED lighting from 3rd party apps properly? Or is there a limit on the number of possible colors? For example, I downloaded Light Manager and tried some custom colors and the LED light only displays a blend of colors instead of a solid color. Yellow is blend of orange and light green, orange is actually a blend of red and orange, even white is a blend of purples. The only colors my S7 displays as a solid, uniform color are Red, Cyan, Blue, and Green and every other color is a mix.

I'm just curious if this is standard across the S7 and it doesn't have the ability to work with custom colors, or if it is a problem that is specific to my device. Any info is appreciated, thanks!


Jul 14, 2011
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I think that's how all notification LEDs work (they only have RGB or a limited number to work with). Maybe the S7 has a different construction on the cover that 'reveals' the mixing lights instead of helping them blend? Also, LightFlow is known to have issues with Samsung phones for a while, but not with light colors IIRC, just other system bugs and oddities.