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So after over a decade I broke my 1st screen.
I was happy the NOTE * would be the insurance replacement.

6 plus hours or getting my phone put back together & I can not add a custom ringtone to notifications .

I chose ALL summer long because its loud & i can hear it over my daily noise. the wimps generics sounds don't cut it for me.

Im no tech but I almost have everything set back up except for that.

What the .....

can anyone help with step by step instructions or hack?

thank you

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! What Android version and One UI version is it on? The highest version the Note8 got was Android 9, and I can't remember if the menu is really different from the current one in Android 13. On my Galaxy A32 5G, these are the steps:

1. Go to Settings>Apps, select the app in question, then Notifications.
2. Make sure Allow Sound and Vibration is selected.
3. Tap Notification Categories.
4. Now tap the words (not the toggle switch) of the category you want to customize.
5. Make sure Alert is selected, and not Silent
6. Tap the Sound option, and select your custom tone there.

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