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Dec 21, 2011
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Guys! You can download and install CM13 on the Nextbit Robin. It's a bit of a process, but if you want, here is what I had to do on my Windows 10 PC:

First you'll want to ready your computer:

1) Download and install the USB Drivers for the Nextbit Robin
2) Download and install ADB and Fastboot
3) Download TWRP Recovery
4) Download the newest CM13 nightly ROM
5) Rename the TWRP download to twrp.img and the CM13 download to and make sure you know where they are
6) Download your preferred gapps package (google apps) Pick ARM64 in the first column, 6.0 in the second, and decide which version in the third

Now you need to ready your phone:

1) Go to Settings>About Phone and find the build number. Tap on that a bunch (I think it's 7 times to be exact) until it congratulates you on being a developer
2) Go to Settings>Developer options and toggle on/active Android debugging (or ADB)
3) In Settings>Developer options there should also be a toggle to allow bootloader unlocking. Make sure that's on/active as well

We have both devices ready. At this point, connect your Nextbit to your computer. You should get prompted on your phone on whether or not you want to allow your computer to access your phone. I've found that it's best to check the box to always allow and allow the computer access to the phone. Now we can send commands to your Nextbit from the command line using ADB.

Now, with your Nextbit connected to your computer, open the folder on your computer that has the file twrp.img. Hold control and right click in this window; this should allow you to open a command prompt in this folder.


Now in the command prompt type: ADB reboot bootloader
You'll see your device reboot into the bootloader. It should be in fastboot mode by default
Once the device installs, in the same command prompt type: fastboot -i 0x2c3f oem unlock
It should give you a warning at this point that you're going to wipe everything and whatnot. If you want an unlocked bootloader, agree.
It will wipe everything and you'll have a Robin that feels brand new, but the bootloader will be unlocked.

Congrats! You've unlocked your bootloader! Now we'll work on the custom recovery.

1) Once your Robin has booted, we need to get back to the bootloader screen if we're not there. Press and hold the volume down and power button together. This should force the phone to shut down. Once it's shut down, release the power button while holding the volume down button and then press it again to turn the device on and into the bootloader. It should be in fastboot mode by default.
2) Since we still have the command window open and since we opened it in the folder that had the twrp.img file in it, we can right away type the command: fastboot -i 0x2c3f flash recovery twrp.img
3) Reboot the bootloader in whichever way feels best for you
4) Navigate to recovery using the volume keys and use the power button to boot into the recovery *note: if you aren't at a screen that says something about TeamWin, you're in the wrong place. I had to repeat steps 1-3 to achieve this. Not sure why, but it fixed it for me.

Congrats! You now have a custom recovery installed on your Robin. Now we'll install the Cyanogen rom.

This is where we're most likely to wreck everything. Be careful.

In the Team Win Recovery it will first ask you for a decryption password. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what they were asking for. I canceled out of the whole thing. It should then ask if you are going to want to modify the system partition. You have to swipe the slider along the bottom to allow this.
Note: the way I'm going to install the rom is pretty risky since we don't have the option to backup before we wipe and install. Nextbit has made a tool that probably does a lot of the work that we've done automatically. It's a huge file, so I opted to not download it, but it should recover your phone should we get into trouble.
Now that we have that out of the way, let's get installing.

1) Tap Mount and make sure System, Data, and Cache are selected.
2) Return to the TWRP home screen
3) Tap Wipe
4) Tap Advanced Wipe
5) Select Dalvic, System, Data, and Cache
6) Swipe to Wipe at the bottom
7) Return home
At this point, we've gotten rid of our Nextbit rom and the encryption so we can see the storage and install new things
8) Tap mount again
9) In the bottom right tap to Enable MTP
10) On your computer now, you should be able to see your Robin under My Computer. Open up internal storage.
11) Copy both and your gapps package into internal storage
12) On your phone, return home
13) Tap Install
14) Click the top option "Up a Level" until it disappears
15) Find the folder that is named "sdcard" and go into it. This is where your rom and google apps are
16) Select and swipe to confirm flash
17) Wipe cache
At this point, you have CM13 installed! Now we need the google apps so you have the full Android experience
18) Install gapps the same way you installed the
19) Wipe cache
20) Go home, tap the reboot button, and reboot system

Congrats!!! You've done it!! You've installed Cyanogen mod on your Nextbit Robin! Set it up and let it rip! This process should be the same for any rom you can download.

Hope that was clear. Feel free to ask questions if something wasn't quite right!

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