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Dad cracked his S10e screen :(


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Mar 2, 2017
Well, I sorta knew it was coming and this is now the 4th cracked phone out of the 6 smartphones he's owned so far. So yesterday I got a few sad messages from my dad claiming he got a "tiny" crack on his phone screen. Now of course this is no surprise as he didn't listen to me and instead of getting a rugged case, he went for the calve leather one Samsung offered for free with the phone. I don't know how bad the crack really is or how the phone fell. How much do thea things typically cost in your country? I know that here in the US it is a whopping $200, and honestly I don't even wanna know how much they will charge back I'm Serbia. And to top things off, dad thinks he can just slap on a glass screen protector instead of getting the phone fixed. Hopefully he actually gets it fixed because cracked glass will just fall apart over time (especially if he drops it again). I really don't know how to pursue him to just get it fixed, buy a super rugged case and get phone insurance (he drops his phones too much to go without insurance if you ask me).


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Jun 8, 2010
In a pinch a tempered glass screen protector can help. It can semi hide the crack and also help to stabilize the screen. It will also help with potential injuries (cuts) from using a cracked screen. For SURE if he does not get it repaired, he should get a screen protector.

You might try Samsung Serbia, which I THINK is this....


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