Data not working. Resolved - Here's How!


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Mar 17, 2011
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Just wanted to share my experiences in the hopes in might help others with similar problems.

I purchased my Optimus V last Friday 9-2-11 and signed up with VM. From the begiining my data services did not work. Only text and talk. For 5 days and nermerous calls to VM CS and it still was not fixed. Now 5 days later I took the advice of some others on the forum and finally got a supervisor and asked that they reset my plan. They said they could not do that but told me someone from corporate would call me within an hour. I did not believe that would happen.

But low and behold I got a call from corporate in less than 30 minutes. She said "stay on the line while I reset your plan". She came back on in two minutes and said it's done now I need you to press "Activate" on your phone. I did that and when my phone powered back up everything was WORKING!!!
I asked her exactly what she did and she said "I canceled your plan and then set you up with a new plan again. Your new payment due date is now 10-6-11 and you have your full monthly minutes starting fresh".

She further explained that when I initially signed up something did not get set correctly and that is why my data was not working. By her setting up my plan new if got everything set correctly and data and web started working immediately.

So to sum it up. If you have the same experience please don't give up. Keep calling and then ask for a supervisor. CS always says "wait for fours hours and it should start working" or "wait for 24 to 48 hours and someone will call you". This does not work!. Tell the supervisor you want it escalated to corporate, then ask corporate to "reset your plan". This is the key. Over five days they had reset my data and reset my phone all to no avail. But once they actually canceled my plan and then restarted my plan then everything started working immediately.

I hope this information helps others.



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Mar 15, 2011
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I actually got regular Virgin tech support to reset my plan once...after some back-and-forth and my refusing to be put off again, the CSR put me on hold and my plan was reset by the time he came back on the line. He did, however, put me on hold again and have my expiration date shortened to what it was originally...but still got a fresh start on minutes. This was with an LG Rumor Touch in which I had lost data for about a week.


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Apr 18, 2011
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I had the same problem. I got tired of the issues with the overseas customer service people not wanting to address the issue. So I filed a complaint with the FCC. Corporate called me, and in less that 30 seconds they fixed the problem. I never had an issue since. And VM USA corporate called me on back to back months to follow up with me to make sure everything was working properly.
So when all else fails, file an FCC complaint they, VM have to respond legally.
Like I said I have never had any issue since. And have been enjoying trouble free service since.


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Jun 7, 2010
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Wanted to confirm that I had this issue and, same as everyone else, after a week of less-than-useful customer service the only way they resolved it was to restart my plan.

I also wanted to offer some details to help clarify what you need to do:

Customer service may tell you they are going to "reset" or "restart" your 3G service. This will NOT solve the problem.

When people say you need to "restart" your account, someone at customer service literally needs to terminate and then re-instate your account. You know this has happened because your charge due-date will change. In other words, if you log into your account on Virgin's website and the payment date hasn't changed, then they haven't done what they need to do.

The CS person who fixed this for me today said the following:

"I'm going to do the troubleshooting a little differently than the way we normally do it", and later, "Some departments do not allow plan restarts and I'll probably get in trouble for this, but it works".

In other words I think the reason this problem is still happening and is still so hard to resolve is that VM hasn't acknowledged that this really is the only solution.

I also made sure to mention to the CS person that this problem seems to happen to people who use auto-pay. I'm further speculating that this happens only to people who use auto-pay AND have a $0 account balance. I think that's the key. Somehow there is a hiccup in your auto-pay. Since the account has no money otherwise, it kills the data service. Later the auto-pay goes through but it's too late.

I've just added $10 to my account. It will be interesting to see if the balance ever goes down (it never should).

FWIW the number I called was 1-877-600-8065. However I believe you need to qualify yourself to use this number, otherwise they will redirect you to "regular" customer service. Here is how mine worked:

  • told me, "I just created an investigation for you. Here is your investigation number: xxxxx and it should take up to 72 hours to be resolved. If this issue is not resolved after 72 hours then we will have this escalated to our higher department."
  • Later I got a text message saying that they were going to reset my 3G, to pull my battery, and if the problem persists to call 1-877-600-8065.
  • I called that number immediately (because data still didn't work) and was told I needed to wait 4 hours and call back if it still does not work.
  • I called back the next day and mentioned the above; that's when they finally fixed it.

My hope is that if you have this problem and you use the above "script" you can get it fixed ASAP.

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