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Data still on even when turned off and WiFi connected


AC Question

Hello, I have a Galaxy S4 and just recently when I would connect to my WiFi at home, both the WiFi and data indicators would still be on, even though the data indicator is supposed to darken while WiFi is on. I've tried turning off data, disabling apps like Google+, and restarting my phone. When both of the indicators are on, the WiFi shows the arrows blinking but the data does not, and the data is not being used while WiFi is on. This causes my WiFi to not be able to work because my phone just keeps trying to use data. I havent changed anything on my phone recently to cause this that I know of. I am on a 5gb plan so I have to conserve my data, and not being able to use WiFi is making my usage skyrocket. Thank you in advance for any help!