Data usage skyrocketed in the last two weeks


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Jun 10, 2012
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My data usage out of no where sky rocketed in the last couple weeks, and I have no idea why. I turned off automatic updates, but my phone still went through 2gb in 2 days. I've had my Galaxy S II since December and have never passed 2gb within a month.

My best guess is the default email client on my Samsung Galaxy S II. I downloaded a data usage tracker and it said my email app used 50mb in the last hour, but what changed in the last month to make the app use so much data? I didn't see any updates, and I actually have been using my email LESS than normal.

I went through my months data plan in 2 days, please help!
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Sep 26, 2011
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If you use a lot of free apps, with ads in them, then it might be possible that the ads loading has caused the abnormal data usage. I used to play a lot of free games, and noticed that my data usage increased drastically. So I disable the data connection when I play, and then enable back when I quit playing. :)

Another location to check is if "Auto-Sync" is enabled in the Settings -> Accounts and Sync.
If you have configured any account on your device, it will try to sync automatically, causing a increase in data usage.

I am think either of these is the culprit. :)