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Jan 15, 2011
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Hey guys, I just traded in my Epic 4g for an EVO and thought I'd share why; then maybe ramble on about the thinks I miss or like now. Wondering how many folks were in the same circumstances.

I researched the EVO and Epic as well as all the Optimus 2x to death. Did not care about super amoled or slider, but DLNA looked great as I want to stream from my pc to phone over the LAN; also own a PS3 so that is good too. Figured as of NOW chances of bad GPS are slimmer than at launch and can root and try to fix if necessary.

Even more important was the camera quality (want to use it a lot)

I want FM radio but gave it up for DNLA and supposedly better camera. The GPU speed was a bonus for FUTURE games too.

Bought an Epic on monday after playing with both at Sprint store (went to Best Buy because of instant

So I get my Epic home and want to plug it in to charge after I check for updates. Checked for updates and all current. Plug in the phone and BAM...REBOOTS instantly !

Also needs driver to have win 7 64 bit see it as storage...stupid but...okay.

Download driver and plug in phone and phone reboots again. UGH, but not a deal breaker yet.

Tried to use DLNA from my comp to epic, using WMP, Vuze, and PS3 Media Server. phone can see folders but no contents no matter what and what app. Router is UPNP (dir-655). So reboots an NO DLNA so far.

Went out to breakfast and either no GPS at all or took 15 minutes... reboot phone and same. Grrr

(found out rooting MIGHT brick my 4g..slim but if I am the one in a thousand then grrr...)

One of the things I hated about EVO was the fact that the blues look ridiculous. and the camera frame rate.

Took a pic of my fiancee's blue shirt and it looked EVO like, some other blues looked fine and some looked just wacky ! The camera was a major want since I had to give up the radio of the Evo. Downloaded slacker and last FM to my Epic and the ONE station I love is not on either one.

Anyhow I ended up just trading the Epic for an Evo because I don't want to hassle with a possible run of "Epic" exchanges. Best buy only allows 3 exchanges anyhow (without hassling them )

Things I liked about Epic:

Ended up liking the screen after all

The slider (because of hitting the damn SEARCH button on EVO when texting)

The camera button (made the phone feel like an actual camera and not an afterthought)

Included 16 gb card vs 8 ...saves $$$

ALL PHONES SHOULD HAVE "Gorilla Glass", period. No more 3rd party plastic screen protecters...yuck.

The in hand feel of the Epic is great

The usb cover is a nice touch

Decent headset (earbuds) included

The USB cord is longer than many other phones

Good thing about my new EVO:

Everything works out of box

The FM radio

The extra screen size (I have big fat thumbed hands...hehe; even larger screen is okay by me)

The shape of the phone makes the screen look even bigger than the extra .3 inches relative to Epic.

HTC Sense (no more need to buy 3rd party launchers or Beautiful Widgets...
...ADW EX and beautiful Widgets are AWESOME however ;) )

The ringtones are WAY better than the epics weirdness.

I DO however HATE the search button for now, maybe when I put my case on it I wont activate it with my fat hands...

Anyone end up switching from one to the other, why ?


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Dec 6, 2010
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No.. I haven't had the pleasure of owning an epic phone before. I almost forgot about the search button on the phone itself. I love the EVO and have never thought of getting the epic at all. Both are are good phones though... but my passion is for my evolution.

Coming from a 3.2" screen - the EVO is awesome.


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Jun 12, 2010
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HTC devices do use a gorilla glass type of glass. It's not the authentic stuff, but it still holds up just as well. They have many scratch tests on the EVO on Youtube, and it never scratched once.


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Mar 4, 2010
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I have both right now. I do like my EVO more than my Epic though. But mostly because I don't need the physical keyboard. Also the Epic feels cheaper than my EVO. I like both phones (both are rooted) but the little things make me like my EVO better.

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