Deleted messages folder-need help


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Mar 8, 2011
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1) How do you delete the entire trash folder contents without checking off each old email one at a time?
2) I'm getting a "Text message memory full" message. I have no messages stored. Any suggestions?


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May 5, 2010
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The way I've deleted an entire folder in the past was to use gmail on my PC. Log in, go to the folder you want the messages deleted from, check the box at the top of the other boxes. That will check all the boxes on that page. Then look at the line above your first email and you'll see a message that lets you select ALL conversations in that folder. Check and hit delete button.

As to the text messages begin full...have you tried rebooting the phone?

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Nov 28, 2010
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If a reboot doesn't work it could be from not having enough internal memory free.. which will cause you to not receive text messages and give you that error.
To free this space up and prevent this message, you can navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage applications and uninstall apps you don’t need, or move the apps to the SD card. Doing this with one or two apps should provide enough internal memory space to receive text messages again and to get rid of the error message. You can also check each apps cache and data and see if there is anything taking up huge amounts of space. Look for anything around 10mb and above and clear the data. If you do decide to clear the data for any apps just remember you will lose any info saved from the app.