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Jul 28, 2010
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Ok, so I have an upgrade available and having difficulty deciding on a new device. So here's the deal. I really don't want to spend $300 on a new phone. The ones I am looking at are the D3, TBolt, DX2, DInc2. Anyone out there who can tell me current issues would be great. I attempted to go to the local Verizon store, but the rep was an iPhone guy who could not really help me much.


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Mar 17, 2010
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Do you have LTE in your area or expect it anytime soon? If yes I would go with the TBolt. If not or if you don't feel you need LTE, then do you want a physical keyboard or can you live without it? D3 is your best choice if you need a keyboard. Don't need the keyboard? Go with the DInc 2. I would stay away from the DX2 at all costs, but that is my opinion based on the fact I couldn't live with the screen. It is your money, not mine however, so my opinion should be peanuts if you play with one in the store and like it.

Try going to the store and avoiding the salesmen at all costs. Touch each one. Type a text (but don't send it) to get a feel for the sms app. Download something from the market. Open up a few apps and play a few minutes of something. Try out the browser. Scroll through all the apps. See which one you could see in your pocket and go with your gut, everyone else's opinion be damned.
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