Did I brick my LG v20 H910/H915?

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Bought an LG v20 H910.
One of the methods to change from standard ROM involved altering the phone to an H91510e.
Although the expected results from those instructions did not happen on this phone, afterward the phone WAS working as an H915.
Tried again with a different method to add TWRP to the (now) H915 but I fear it bricked.

1) I can get [fastboot mode] (vol-, then plug USB in) to come up but I have no idea from here how to get to install TWRP (or even it it did get installed).
2) Trying to enter [download mode] just gives me a colorful garbled screen.
3) Just trying now to turn on the phone says OS corrupted.

In [download mode] LGUP does run but it cannot determine the phone's model, so it won't do anything.
In [fastboot mode] the screen just has tiny writing that says "1140 fastboot mode" started, and above that it that has some data about the phone:
product_name - msm8886 64GB
variant - msm8886 64GB
bootloaded version -
baseband version -
carrier_info - N/A
serial_number - [serial number here]
signing - production
secure_boot - disabled
lock_state - locked

PS - The msm# above (8886) *could be* 9996 or 8996, etc. The print is way tiny and characters too close together. Can't really tell

Can anyone help?

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