Difference between "sdcard" folder and "storage" folder?

Juno Cosmos

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Aug 3, 2013
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I noticed on my file manager (app is aptly named File Manager) that I have 2 folders that have the seem to have the same items: "sdcard" and "storage" folders, both which have the same folders inside such as Download, Notifications, Ringtones, etc.

If I were to add, say, new ring tones where should I put them? On the sdcard or storage folder?



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Sep 30, 2011
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I have notification and ringtone folders on both my internal storage and my SD card. My phone seems to pick them all up just fine, no matter where I put them, so I tend to put most of them on the card under /notifications or /ringtones. Worst that happens, if it doesn't get picked up, use File Manager and move them.

I was assuming that was your question--device or card. NB: If you're digging around the directory tree, it can really look confusing. On my S4, for instance, it says "extSDcard " in one place and then "sdcard0" in another and then "emulated" in still another---which takes you to another sub-directory that says "SD CARD." When you click on that, it is not in fact the SD card, but the internal storage for the device, an "emulated" SD card, which is the same directory that arrive at from clicking "SDCard0." Google's native File Manager makes this simpler---it defaults to All Files, and then specifically to Device or SD memory card as sub-categories, which makes it a lot easier to see where you are going. Clicking Device gets you to that /emulated directory. Some of the 3rd party File Managers I used to use more are a little more confusing now.

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