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Disable Google Now in Android 5.1.1


New member
Aug 27, 2017
I have a Sony Xperia ZL. I do not want Google Now, Google Assitant, any of the Now cards. There is no 'Home' screen on my device, so I can't use that to turn this off. I've cleared the data, then disabled, then forcestopped the Google App. Then I restarted the phone. There is no way, in the App or in the Settings-App-Google to turn it off. Settings-App-Google has no hamburger menu and thus no 'turn off/on' function for Google Now or even for the cards. If there is anyway to turn this off, it does not seem to exist on my phone. The Google App is faster and easier to use than the browser function, which is clunky. Any ideas how to opt out/cancel this energy vampire function?