Discovered Another Way to Fix a Nexus 7 that Won't Turn On or Charge


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Dec 25, 2012
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I have two Nexus 7 tablets, but there might be a way you could do this if you have just one tablet (which I will propose later):

Method 1: Two Nexus 7 tablets, one will not start or charge, but the other one operates normally:

1. With the tablet that operates normally, make sure the battery has a good charge, and do a normal 'power off'.
2. Remove the back cover from both tablets.
3. Remove the batteries from both tablets.
4. Connect the charged battery from operating tablet into the Nexus 7 that will not start or charge.
5. Put the cover back on the Nexus 7 that you just connected the charged battery to, and start it up normally.
5. Your formerly dead Nexus 7 should restart!
6. Put the other (dead) battery into the functioning Nexus 7, attach the charging cable, and you should see the charging indicator.

Method 2: NOTE: This proposal is similar, but assumes you have just one (dead) Nexus 7. I have not tried this, so I have no clue what results could occur. Try at your own risk:
1. Remove the cover from the Nexus 7 that won't charge or start.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Put the cover back on.
4. Attach the charging cable.
5. Attempt to turn on the Nexus 7, and then do a normal 'Power Off'. (I don't know whether or not a Nexus 7 will power up by the charging cable without the battery installed.)
6. If that works, detach the charging cable, take the back cover off again, and put the battery back in.
7. Put the back cover back on, attach the charging cable, and see if the charging indicator comes on.

Good Luck!!

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