Does the S 22+ have better reception than most other phones?

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I am considering the S22+ only because I have read numerous 3rd party reviews about it having exceptional reception in weak signal areas because of the Snapdragon 8 chip and QUALCOMM's X65 Modem. I have very poor coverage where I live so this is a deciding factor for me. Can any confirm if they think it is above average in reception?


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Jul 20, 2010
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If you're in a bad area I wouldn't expect earth shattering improvements. My S22U performs the same as my other phones in reception performance. Second thought, I have had my S22U drop calls in the same area my fold 2,3, and 4 does not drop the calls. I travel the same area every day, I never did understand why the fold phones did not drop the calls ever and sometimes the S22U did.

Bottom line, don't expect any phone to work better in a bad area. You need to look at other options such as signal amplifiers. Verizon sells a network extender that runs off the internet, but with WiFi calling you shouldn't need that anymore.

I shared a photo. I know of truck drivers that use the mobile version and they have nothing but praise for these. There is also a home version. They aren't cheap but people like them and these probably would fix your situation better. I know a driver that said he frequents a area that has unusable signal and the device gave him usable signal. It only amplifies the signal, does not create one. If there's no signal at all this won't help.

Last time I checked Verizon did not allow such things to be used on their network. So don't call Verizon customer support and reference the amplifier. What they don't know won't hurt them. Could have changed and I don't know other carriers policy

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Top phones I've heard in the market for good cell reception is iPhone/Samsung/Motorola don't know if Motorola still holds true these days .
But if it's that bad maybe try a different carrier

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