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Mar 7, 2010
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My wife's laptop and my LG Blu-ray player were both connected to the router and suddenly neither one were connected to the internet. I had to assign an IP address for the Blue-ray player.

This fix worked for my wife's laptop as well. I guess the Fios router quits automatically setting up IPs. I had to manually set up her wireless connection.

donnamarie denton

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Aug 6, 2016
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i was having the same problem with my Droid tablet. i read different forums. watched you tube nothing worked.called my internet support tech. they had me on line for hours at a time trying to fix the problem. still nothing worked. i have re-booted this droid more times than should be allowed still didn't help.until one day last week i had a internet for dummies thought and thats when i took the droid to exactly whee the fios modem / box was located in my case in my laundry room and started to renter all my fios info as if it was the very first time i was putting the info in . i then press the wap button on my box and then i pressed the wap on my droid. and just like that i was able TO CONNECT TO MY FIOS.......HOPE THIS HELPS