Droid or N1?


Mar 31, 2010
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Okay so I got the Nexus One last Friday and love it so far. BUT, T-mobile's service is sorta iffy in my area (despite what their maps say) so I'm considering going to a Droid. If Verizon's Nexus One comes out next week I would definitely return my T-mo version to get the VZW one, but I still am apprehensive about Google's approach to the whole thing.

So here's my question: Which one would you go with, all things considered?

My overall concerns with the N1 are these:
1) Long term reliability/build quality seems iffy, especially next to the tank-like Droid
2) There have been lots of horror stories, and Google's no-store sales model has me concerned if I DO have problems
3) Even though it has Snapdragon, it doesn't FEEL as fast as it should be
4) Requires a separate 16gb microSD card purchase that the Droid comes with, even though the Droid is $50 cheaper at Best Buy (and the Droid's accessories are more readily available)

I have some concerns with the Droid, mainly software related. I really like the Nexus One's updated launcher, and some of its other UI touches, most of which won't make the jump to the Droid's 2.1, but since the update just rolled out it isn't completely clear what's being transferred and what isn't. The Droid is also less organically designed, which makes it a bit more uncomfortable.

So what would you do?


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Nov 25, 2009
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I can only imagine posting this in the Droid forum will get Droid responses and posting it in the N1 will get N1 responses, so either way your choices are biased.