Droid X keyboards are repeating letters, skipping/adding typos


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Jul 15, 2011
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I've had this problem with every Gingerbread-keyboard-based keyboard I've tried, on every ROM I've tried. Letters magically repeat themselves at the beginnings of words, giving me things like "I will ggo to the store," or sometimes it'll repeat two or three letters, so I'll get things like "keykeyboard." Sometimes it skips over typos completely. This happens with the Gingerbread keyboard included with MIUI, with a Gingerbread keyboard I got on the market, with the Multiling keyboard, and happened with the stock keyboard in Apex 2.0 as well as any others I tried. I attribute it to processor activity and how much has already been typed, but is there a fix? These are the only keyboards I like; I don't like SwiftKey's size or layout and haven't found anything else that's been any good. If you can suggest a keyboard or just a fix, that'd be awesome!