Droped Nexus 7, no visible damage but...


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Dec 24, 2012
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Hi guys,

Just coped a lil Nexus 7 few a week ago, and it's been a little beauty. I drooped in (not a very high drop, for the matter) at about 2 ft from my jacket. There is no visible damage and the screen is completely fine but it seems not to want to turn on anymore :(

When plugging it in, the screen goes from completely black, to a very ultra dark blue color (almost black, but you can tell something is going on) and when I hold the power button down for a little longer, the screen has a little flickering going on (think the matrix, but with static instead of numbers flying around) is there any hope? Anyone else experienced this? Or do I have to shell out for a repair or even a new model, would really hope there is some way to get it back in action with out re-buying something I barely used :(
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