Duplicating Settings on Galaxy Tab A 10.1


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Sep 11, 2019
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Hello All,

UK new user here, I may need some pointers to resources or it may be that some here can help, either way, hello! I am a recent convert from iPhones and iPads so needing to readjust my outlook, I wonder if you can help?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on EE and a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with no sim.

I have a Gmail account linked with a Samsung account.

On my hit list:

1. In as much as possible I would like my tablet to mirror the set up of my phone, home screen, wall papers, contacts email accounts etc.
2. I would like to take and make calls and receive and send texts on my tablet.
3. I would like to make the icons on my phone that tell me how much battery I have, wifi staus etc on home screen bigger by about 50%
4. Again on the phone, on the lock screen I would like to have three large Icons at the botton, email, messages and phone calls, at the moment I have two small ones, email and phone calls.
5. I would like the icons in No4 above to display numbers of each un read/ missed whilst on home screen.
6. On the phone I would prefer that Bixby is not on the furthest left swipe.

If you could help me make the transition to my new tech a little easier, I would be extremely grateful to you for your time.

With many thanks!


PS, I now see having written the message that it could have had a more explanatory title, apologies!
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Jul 19, 2012
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It's Android so it's easy to customize either using settings or other apps to get what you want. It is certainly possible at least on most of your items.


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Sep 11, 2019
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Hi Pontiac005,

Thnaks for your input, I am however still finding it difficult to acheive what I want without trying app after app and failing which is why I would appreciate some advice from the experieinced.

I thought that Sidesynce and Samsung flow might have been the answers I was looking for but Sidesync in particular is simply not working.

All the best,


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Nov 22, 2014
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1. Smart Switch it.
2. I am not sure the Tab A 10.1 supports Continuity. It's hardware is pretty weak. It's not like the iPads where even the iPad Mini is using A Fusion chips. I know the Tab S4, S5e and S6 does. Flow is supposed to do some of that.
3. Use widgets
4. Use Lockstar from Goodlock in th Samsung App Store. You can add several more shortcuts (DO NOT GET GOODLOCK ON PLAY STORE. IT' FAKE). You can also use the Edge Panel for up to 10 shortcuts accessible from lockscreen.
5. Settings>Notifications>App Badges>Show Numbers.
6. Pinch Out on homescreen>Swipe left>turn off Bixby Home.

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