"E:Failed to clear BCB message:failed to find /misc partition"


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Jan 18, 2015
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I recently updated my S7E to Oreo and after that, I did the usual factory reset. While resetting, I noticed the following error occured at Recovery mode: "E:Failed to clear BCB message:failed to find /misc partition".

It appears right after the "Data wipe complete" line, but doesn't cause any problems. After that factory reset, I rebooted the phone and set it up and is working properly. It's just that message that appeared.

What does it mean? Should I be worried? Phone is unlocked and it can work with every SIM card, but I am using it as a backup phone, with no current sim card unlocked. I only put the my Vodafone UK sim card while resetting it, just in case.

Thank you and appreciated.


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you run it and some apps fail, there's a hardware problem. If not, there's a problem with whoever wrote the update. (The error message was an error, and shouldn't have appeared. Programmers do sometimes do things like that. If an app left just the right [wrong?] data in some location, the bad error trapping in the update program saw it as an error. It's kind of a false positive. [I've written a few myself, and after even 10 years, no one should. I've done it after 20 years of programming - and I've had 46 years of experience so far - and still make little errors like that. The trick is to catch them before the product is released. Someone could have missed that one.])


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Jun 29, 2018
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Hi, I also updated my Galaxy A5 (2017) to Oreo using odin. But I did not wipe cache partition and wipe data/factory reset as I had read in multiple forums. So I got an OTA update wich updated the security patch level. So when I tried to wipe cache partition, I got the same issue E:Failed to clear BCB message:failed to find /misc partition" As long as I'm concerned i think my phone is working well.

So I was asking,
1.) should I be woried at all about my phone
2.) How can I fix this issue E:Failed to clear BCB message:failed to find /misc partition"

Feedback will highly be appreciated

Eric Hols

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Aug 10, 2018
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I have thé same message!thé Phone work but no working frp protection
If you loose your mobile a simple factory reset and your mobile start without asking gmail account verification

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