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Brad Bilger

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Dec 2, 2014
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Ok... I've used the Edge panel for some time with no problems. I got my wife, kids, grandkids and a few emergency numbers in there. Recently, I added a friend of mine (Philip) to the list.

Now, when I open the panel, on the right side I see "Philip" with the little balloon shape saying that I have a text message from him with todays date on it. I haven't gotten a message from him today. So I delete all the old messages from him. Still shows that I have an unread message with todays date. The strange part is, yesterday, it had YESTERDAY date on it.. and the day before, it had the day before's date on it..

So I remove him from the edge panel list... reboot... clear cache.... Still appears.

I deleted all the past messages from Philip. Notification still there..

So I use my edge panel again and send a text to my wife as a test. She gets it. She responds to it... I use the edge panel and it says that I have a message from my wife and a message from Philip both with todays date. Notification on my Wife's clears when I read and respond to it.

I use the edge panel to send a message to Philip, I get a response. Edge panel says I have 2 messages from Philip. Read the one that just came in, now its back to one unread message.

Any ideas, other than remove Philip from my edge panel?? LOL

J Dubbs

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Jun 4, 2016
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Cold brother... that's no way to treat a friend. Demoted from the edge panel lol. Hopefully he'll forgive you ;)

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