Email/calendar won't sync anymore without "master" auto-sync turn on??? Why??


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I have a Samsung S5 (OS 5.1.1) and recently did a factory reset which updated a bunch of things (Google Play Services). Before the reset I could choose just to have my Google email and calendar auto-sync. Now I have to choose auto-sync which forces you to sync all Google apps (whether you use them or not) for all accounts you've setup (Google or not, for instance my work email won't automatically sync either). So it seems my only option is to manually sync the apps in order to get new emails or calendar entries if I don't want to turn auto-sync on, is this correct? If yes, I'm surprised there's not a bigger outcry from people. Why is Google continually limiting our choices and invading our electronic world?? Is there anyway to have calendar and email auto-sync and nothing else? Not only very frustrating but so disappointing.

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