Emulation & PC Issues with Xbox One Controller


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Sep 21, 2014
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You guys are always so helpful I thought I would ask for your help again about this current problem I'm having.

I bought a Xbox One wireless controller because I was going to pair it to my android phone and play games. but I couldn't find a clip anywhere to use with the phone and the controller. Instead of taking it back I thought I could pair it with my PC and play games that way. Unfortunately I've been having some issues.

One, I was able to connect it via bluetooth to my Windows 10 PC and at first it seemed to work just fine, but then every time I turn the controller on it doesn't seem to work and I have to remove it from the bluetooth list and reconnect it again. This is a pain and it would be nice if I could figure out a way for it to work all the time without loosing connection and/or function.

Two, I installed a emulator (VirtualBoy-M) and I was able to use the controller with the emulator, but each time I run the emulator I have to reconfigure the controller to work with it. Also, the mapping of the buttons on the controller do work, except for the "menu" button. While in the game when I use the menu button to save it appears to save, until I start the emulator again and the save file isn't there.

If anyone has any ideas and/or suggestions for these issues I would love to hear them. I was going to return the controller today, but it's a really nice controller so I thought I would come here first and ask the community about these things and perhaps find some solutions.

I did download the Xbox Accessories off the Microsoft site and updated the controller via USB to the PC. So the controller has been updated.